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Dumpster Machining and Flame Treating

01 Jul 2019

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You Throw Garbage into Dumpsters All of the Time, but What Goes into Making One?

Midwest Engineering has an inside look at what our machining and flame treating efforts have provided for this 4-step process.

To begin, a dumpster enters the cell by an operator loaded queue conveyor. Once entered, the front two robots start to machine the dumpster. At this stage, we profile as much as possible before indexing to the next station. Each station has two hard-stops to stop the dumpster when in position in addition to two side crowders that hold the dumpster in place during operation.

After the first station is complete, the dumpster indexes to station two where all four robots work together. The front two robots finish the inside rim and outer profiling and the back two robots drill holes for the hinge bar.

Once station two is complete, the dumpster follows along to station three where the back two robots take over by blowing off loose plastic chips in preparation for flame treatment.

During the final station, the back two robots flame treat the dumpster.

This project featured an open cell design guarded by light curtains and GSM fencing. Safety is always a top priority in all of our projects. In this instance, safety is handled by our dual redundant safety PLC from Leuze. Additionally, we chose to include light curtain muting to ensure a level 3 safety rating. In total, 4 sets of light curtains were used as well as solenoid gate latches for the entrance doors.

Total cycle time is only 8 and a half minutes per dumpster, creating an efficient use of time and the opportunity to increase productivity.

    Involved: 4 Robot Cell, 2 Axis Floating Servo Spindle, Custom Carbide Tool Design, 23 Different Part Numbers, Sub 10 Minute Cycle Time, 2 Right Angle Drills, Pneumatic Crowder System, Allen Bradley PLC, Parker InteractX HMI, AMC Servo Drives, Natural Gas Flame Guns, Dorner Conveyors, Yaskawa Drives

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